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The combination of Biodecoding, Healing Massages, Alignment Massage Therapy and Herbalism make up this Therapeutic Circuit to work on ailments and diseases in a comprehensive and effective way. Three therapists will attend you to live an experience of great healing value for about 2 hours. This integrative and complementary work of therapies will allow you to heal on a physical and metaphysical level, working on the cause of our ailments and diseases, first from its emotional root and then on its physical part.



Hand in hand with Bety, biodecoding therapist and herbalist, we will start the process by applying the biodecoding guide, which is a methodology that allows us to optimize the treatments that a person performs in their healing process in order to release the stored emotional charge on the symptom. In this way, it allows us to release and release immense emotional burdens stored and rooted for years, which are expressed through the symptom, and by understanding and releasing them, symptoms can be reversed, optimizing and accompanying medical treatment. It is an ideal complement that accompanies the healing process from the understanding of emotional language. We all know that our emotions affect our body, and this happens every day, when faced with a new situation, be it pleasant or unpleasant. That is why we can access our biological unconscious through the signals that our body gives us, and discover its hidden emotions, which have often been saved for generations. This technique helps us to decipher emotional patterns ingrained from childhood and even in past generations, and to release hidden emotions in the familiar unconscious. With the understanding of the origin of our problems, we can move on to the physical part where they materialize.



Angy is an intuitive healing masseuse as well as a midwife. Its body therapy of healing massages allow to obtain cleansing, decontracting and relaxing benefits where the muscles, bones and organs are activated and heal working through the meridians and lymphatic drainage. Her massages and techniques are inherited from her own grandmothers and complemented by the teachings of various master healers. His knowledge of herbalism and talent for the production of organic essential oils, allows him to use high quality products in his massages, which stimulate the activity of vital organs and make possible the healing of injuries.



A native of Brazil, Rudah will conclude the process combining different massage therapy techniques, both Brazilian and from other regions, adapting to the patient's needs. It can be a relaxing, sports or curative treatment, applying techniques such as acupressure, tuina massage and traditional chiropractic for spinal adjustment and hip closure.



For certain diseases and emotional issues we work in combination with herbal treatments, guiding the person with a treatment based on tea or microdoses that we can provide. This phytochemical supplement completes the circuit for effective healing.



You can contact us by WhatsApp at 5526731945 to indicate the payment methods and receive the preparation guide for the activity. Remember that they are private sessions so it is essential to schedule the appointment.

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Preparation for the Therapeutic Circuit

It is recommended prior to full body grooming, wearing comfortable clothing, a large towel and a bottle of water. Also if you like a candle to clean. Have a fast of at least 3 hours and the previous days eat frugally, avoiding highly processed foods, alcohol, drugs, meat, etc. For physical and energetic works it is of great value to previously meditate on the healing priorities that you would like to work on.


Where is it done?

In our ceremonial space in Roma Sur located at Av. Baja California 118, int. 102, between Monterrey and Medellín. In the area you can park vehicles without problem. For those who use public transport, 5 blocks away you will find the Centro Médico and Chilpancingo metro stations. Punctuality is important.

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