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Power trip to Andalgalá
(for healing and spiritual work)
with the medicine of the Wachuma

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It is a pleasure to extend this invitation to the healing and spiritual work retreat with Wachuma in the context of "Earth day" (April 22). We will go to one of the most important centers (at the same time secret) of this sacred medicine in the hills of Andalgalá, Catamarca. This retreat will be carried out bythe grandparents Mamacuna and Jampi Camayoc, accompanied by Inti Miski, who will guide the work, practices and ceremonies with medicine. It is a "power trip" retreat (concept of internal work and stalking during an experience in new and sacralized territory), with everything included, in order to promote a total immersion of each person in their own process of knowledge in this sacred context that will be our stage to cleanse and nourish physical and metaphysical bodies. In the experience we will have medicine takings and ceremonies, walks in the hills, cleansing, offerings to the land, spiritual work, plant harvesting, word circles, visits to sacred places, work with the land, visits to women and men of knowledge of the region and more. Some postcards of what awaits us:


Wachuma is a medicine that grows in the Andean region, from northern Peru to northern Argentina. His spirit is of great love and intensity and contributes to healing physical, emotional, mental and spiritual matters. He works very tactfully within us and at the same time helps us connect with nature, receiving messages through it (water, fire, trees, animals, etc.). As a master plant that is represents an effective means of healing and a tool of connection with the spiritual in one and in the environment of great value. Its effect lasts about 12 hours, during which different processes and healing steps are carried out. Here you will find more information about her: Click for more information



Contributes to purification, internal and external cleansing of negative energies. Free from stress, depression, negative and emotional overloads of the body, mind, spirit. He teaches the art of transforming resentment, suffering, the ego that does not allow him or others to grow into: love, peace, happiness, harmony and wisdom, be it his pain of a spiritual and/or psychological nature. It helps to raise your excellence and human quality in all fields of life. Renew one's vitality with a mysterious force of energy. It expels fear, work and all kinds of dark energies from your being. It can bring back long-forgotten memories, increase our sensitivity to light and color, give us colorful visions with both eyes closed and open, and much more. Some images of ceremonies we have performed: