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Who provides it?

Lucy and Lidia are two sisters, natural healers and clairvoyants of great recognition, who for many years gave healing services in spiritual temples, accumulating a large number of healed patients. They use a totally own technique in complement with the use of cleanings with candles and plants.


How is the therapy?

It is an original method taught by the sisters, who use their gift of "seeing" to detect the causes of evil in people. Emotional, energetic healings and even highly serious illnesses can be worked on. The dynamics always adapt to each person. The effectiveness in their work is very high, being able to notice immediate improvements in health. They can also be consulted as an oracle using their information channeling capabilities.


How to book an appointment?

We give shifts of 1 hour, which must be reserved with a deposit in advance to receive the guide of items to take. You can contact us by WhatsApp at 5526731945


Where is it done?

In our ceremonial space in Roma Sur located at Av. Baja California 118, int. 102, between Monterrey and Medellín.

What is shamanism?

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How is depression cured?

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