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Wachuma is a sacred medicine that grows in the Andean region, from northern Peru to northern Argentina, being considered one of the greatest master plants. Its tradition dates back to time immemorial and there are few grandfathers and grandmothers who safeguard its traditional and transcendent use. His spirit is one of great love and intensity and contributes to healing physical, emotional, mental and spiritual issues. It works tactfully within us and at the same time helps us connect with nature, receiving messages through it (water, fire, trees, animals, etc.). As a master plant, it represents a means of effective healing and a tool for connecting with the spiritual in one of great value. Its effect lasts between 12 and 16 hours, during which different healing processes and steps are carried out. The medicine that we will use was collected in the sacred hills of Andalgalá in Argentina by Grandma Mamacuna herself. The Wachuma is a great alternative to the use of Hikuri/Peyote, since it is not in danger of extinction, being in turn a "sister" medicine but diurnal and from the heights.


Heiress of the healing knowledge of the women of her family, Grandma Mamacuna has the degree of "Inca High Priestess". From the hand of her mother and grandmother, she learned healing techniques with swords, tobacco, eggs and candles from a very young age in Peru, and today, at over 70 years of age, she continues her service with total dedication, energy and love. Mamacuna is a direct representative of the spirit of Wachuma medicine as well as its guardian. She handles various Andean healing techniques, while also being a teacher of the medicine of sacred mushrooms.


After a preparation based on healthy eating and fasting, we will meet at the place of the ceremony. The start will be given at 8 am, concluding the work around 8 pm. The medicine works internally for 8 intense hours, and can be extended to 8 more hours but in a subtle way, time in which the person can resume the normal activity of his life. At all times the participants will be assisted and accompanied by both Mamacuna and her assistants, Inti Miski and Ronin Koshi, also traditional doctors and Wachuma guides. During the ceremony different stages of work are experienced, being able to have moments of solitary work with nature, moments of collective circle, instances where Mamacuna talks in general or with each person in particular, among many other possibilities. During the ceremony, energetic cleanings are also carried out with eggs, swords, fire, tobacco and feathers. In turn, although part of the work is in silence, we will have live music with songs, drums, guitar, rattle and bass drum that will guide and support all the work. At one point, an offering-request-payment will also be made to the earth, where a well will be opened in the ground delivering elements to thank and request its healing and blessings. The ceremony will conclude, retiring all of us safely, but with the reality that the medicine will continue to act internally and in our dreams for a period of one week, allowing us to apply changes and improvements to life itself.


It promotes a therapeutic process of emotional, mental and physical healing of great depth, providing elements for our self-knowledge and linking us with hierarchies of the spiritual world. Contributes to purification, internal and external cleaning of negative energies. Free from stress, depression, negative and emotional overloads of the three bodies. Teaches the art of transforming resentment, suffering, the ego that does not allow you to grow or others into: love, peace, happiness, harmony and wisdom, whether your pain is spiritual and/or psychological. It helps to elevate and enhance our human qualities in all fields of life. Renews one's vitality with a mysterious strength and loving pedagogy. Expels fright, damage and all kinds of dark energies from your being. It can bring back forgotten memories, heighten our sensitivity to light and color, and refine the senses. It gives us intense visions both with our eyes closed or open. It links us with the world of spirits, being able to link us with our own ancestors and people who have transcended. Restores the desire to live, helps in addiction and frees from all bondage. Strengthens self-esteem and our fellow men.



The places where they can be done vary but preferably it is always work in natural contexts.



For more information you can contact us by Whatsapp at 5526731945 thus indicate costs, forms of payment and evacuate any doubt directly.

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