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"Transcendental medicine, more than a place, they are people whom life has endowed with energy that they transmit through ancestral medicines. Xanga Medicine was brought to me through this healing circle, which thanks to its cozy house and warm accompaniment, they made me reconnect with repressed feelings and experiences, in order to change my perspective and start a change in my life. Thanks to life for finding this place. Fortunate those who can reach this place full of peace, tranquility and harmony"


"The experiences I had the opportunity to undergo changed my life forever. The intensity of the work and the effectiveness of the results would never have been possible without the professionalism and care received. I felt so content, respected and valued that I was able to fully concentrate in the experience with complete certainty that nothing bad would happen to me. Really, whoever is thinking of having an experience with transcendental medicines, has just found someone to do it with"


"The entire Transcendental Medicine team is magical and healer, thanks for the help to heal and remember. Medicine knows exactly where and to what extent to act, but the guides of this healing circle are great teachers"


"I have already had 3 experiences in this warm space. A reiki session and 2 xanga shots. Very respectful ceremonies, with a lot of love, faith and trust. A space to heal and be reborn. Recommended whether you have experience or not"


"A fantastic magical unforgettable experience. Total fraternity environment, well cared for. I highly recommend this ceremony. Total thanks"


"I highly recommend this medicine. It is a very loving experience, of internal connection and expanded consciousness. In my particular case I specifically saw unconscious fears that in some way hindered my spiritual growth. In the days following taking it, I felt lighter, with more clarity of mind and no stress. I noticed an energy that until then I did not know that prompted me to make many positive changes in my life. It is really a medicine that invites you to self-knowledge and healing in an integral way"


"It was a very good and unforgettable experience, they are professionals, they know what they are doing"


"I participated in the shamanic drum ceremony. A beautiful experience, I felt a lot of peace for several days (a month) after the ceremony, I felt much more connected with nature, with more confidence. Results very similar to those of the xanga ceremony and snuff"


"I had the opportunity to do the Monkfish ceremony with Jon, the truth is that despite my fears he was very kind to me and knew how to accompany me in my process... I highly recommend him and I hope that they will also have the opportunity to meet these new experiences in your life!"


"Very good service, it is possible to have a spiritual connection and fraternal support, thank you very much"


"An excellent alternative medicine, in addition to healing my physical discomfort, it heals my soul, I have obtained a lot of peace and tranquility, I see things with another approach.... wonderful experience, I am going for my third dose!!!!!!!!"


"I highly recommend medicine, it is a wonderful experience, especially xanga. At almost 62 years of age, I loved it hahaha. My family also thank you very much Jon, a thousand blessings"


"A formidable experience, without a doubt it connects you with your conscience. Thank you"


"Being open to receiving each answer to our questions, I thought I didn't know how I could do it, but as the days went by I realized that without realizing it I had a different attitude that made me and makes me feel good and enjoying everything let me do. thank you thank you thank you"


"My life has changed as a result of practicing and attending these beautiful ceremonies!!!"


"I did a Xanga ceremony with them and it was wonderful, the previous information is precise and clear, they ask you for a special preparation which many places that use spiritual medicine for playful ceremonies do not ask for. Inti is wonderful as a guide in the ceremony, you can trust completely that it will guide your ceremony in the best way and will take care of you. This group really manages the ceremonies in a spiritual and emotional way, they do not mix medicines or organize "multijuice" events that is where you realize that You are in good hands. Thank you very much for the beautiful work you do"


"An experience that changed my perspective on life, acquiring a sense of total responsibility for my present moment and allowing me to take part in my physical and emotional healing"


"I lived a magical Wachuma Ceremony, accompanied and guided. The whole team is made up of teachers, who deliver a warm and loving ceremony. It is without a doubt one of the most beautiful ceremonies I have attended and I am very grateful for the support and support received. If you are thinking of living an experience with them, do not hesitate! Thank you, thank you, thank you!"


"It is an experience that words are not enough to describe it, the experience of connecting with oneself, with nature, losing track of time, flowing with emotions, medicine is a beautiful embrace, to the spirit, it knows how to guide, whisper to you takes you to the depths of your being. The Transcendental Medicine team are like angels that contain you, with whom I feel very grateful to coincide on this earthly plane"


"This experience was really extraordinary and you see nature in all its forms and you learn to know yourself both spiritually and physically, you realize how capable you are for everything. I am very happy with this experience. I congratulate you and thank you all for your professionalism"


"Excellent service! 5 diamonds! They are cracks in transcendental medicine! With all the necessary protocols to take care of you, with all their wisdom, experience and a lot of love"


"I highly recommend your sacred medicine, in my experience I attended the xanguita and it has changed my life, connecting me with my ancestors. It was a wonderful moment since the entire tribe of transcendental medicine makes you feel loved and cared for in a special harmony of a lot of support. Thank you thank you thank you"


"Thank you for being great guides and sharing your knowledge and love with everyone, thank you for being the channel to transcend and vibrate in infinite love"


"I am amazed at your attention, human experience, your location and that you are really frank. Thank you!"


"It was my first experience with plants and it was very good for me. I participated in the healing ceremony with Wachuma and never before had I felt so in touch with nature and being aware of it!!"


"My experience was extraordinary, they are people with human warmth, Jesús and Maribel have a sensitivity in their therapies, and without a doubt I want to return with them"


"I attended the shamanic drumming and it was a great experience. I love their energy and their work"


"Transcendental Medicine is the best way to heal your inner self!!! Excellent attention, understanding and spiritual guidance. Thank you!!!"


"Professionalism, excellent attention and support, great human beings, infinite gratitude to Jon and to all the people who supported us"


"A place full of very loving people who undoubtedly have great training and experience to be able to provide the spaces for introspection, exploration and growth that they offer. When you leave you are very grateful to everyone involved. The truth is that I highly recommend the place, I have had Very nice experiences and I hope more people continue to join"


"The confidence that Jon gave us was so great that my mom and dad joined the experience. An experience of love, brotherhood, mixed feelings and more memories of life. We had a super warm experience and an encounter with ourselves, both My parents and I were surprised and delighted with the ceremony. One more step towards the good life! Thanks for this unforgettable experience, until next time!!"


"I attended  a Wachuma ceremony facilitated in a cave in Teotihuacan by Mamacuna. The ceremony has been a wonderful, loving and sustained experience in a lot of light. Until now, Wachuma is showing important work around what I went to work at that ceremony. Masters John and Fede, each brother in the cave, of course Mamacunita, each one providing a healing and a mirror for the one in front, Beautiful!, before this ceremony I had not had another, to be my first experience. Trusting this group has given me a lot"


"The Wachumita ceremony with Mamacuna was magical, the medicine is beautiful and connects you deeply with your being and heals what you need to heal. It is a catharsis of emotions, a very liberating release, a breath of fresh air for your soul. The team of Transcedental Medicine is always attentive to your needs and accompanies you throughout the entire process. If the ceremony with them is something that you have to live at least once in your life. Incredible experience"


"I shared a Xanga ceremony, a beautiful and healing experience for me. Thank you for all the accompaniment of Inti Miski and Polina throughout the process: before the experience, during and after. They are a very prepared, professional, loving and dedicated team "


"I had colon cancer for which they operated on me by removing part of my liver and I told Jon and he told me I'm going to help you and he'll prescribe me a tea. And an all-natural mixture of honey which helped me a lot now they did the tests and everything is under control, an enormous happiness, I thank Jon who is a great person and I will live my whole life grateful for him, thank you very much, hug, immense blessings"


"I want to recommend personally for my 2-year-old nephew who just got better with the help of these people, the doctors said that he was not going to move an arm and a leg. One day after another he laughed again, I have no word for these people. My nephew had a bacterium and a respiratory arrest of 15 minutes was very serious"


"I recommend it because my experience with rapé and xanga was totally revitalizing. It is a connection with the deepest part of being and with the divine. At all times I was accompanied by Jony who gave me confidence, tranquility and respect. The day after the ceremony I woke up very relaxed, with a feeling of gratitude and love that I had never experienced or felt. The ancestral medicine heals physically, psychically and spiritually. I REVIVED. I WAS REBORN"


"Yesterday I experienced a beautiful ceremony with the great shamanic drum where I experienced unique sensations full of power, strength and at the same time they made me resonate in a loving way, raising my spirit and generating in me a very special peace and tranquility, I highly recommend it without a doubt. I will live again! Thank you to each and every one of the drum masters for your healing passion"


"Thanks to Transcendental Medicine for their excellent care and support, especially for Jhon, infinite gratitude to all the people who have supported us, thanks for being such a special and loving human being, very professional and prepared"


"The Xanga ceremony is a truly excellent traditional medicine. Despite being deaf and not hearing 90% of the ceremony and the experiences of my companions. I lived mine and it was beautiful!"


"Wonderful experiences, all aimed at enlightening the being. Always attentive, always human. Thank you for so much"


"I attended the Shamanic Drum ritual, it was a very good experience"


"Beautiful experience!! I highly recommend them. I had the opportunity to perform several xanga and snuff ceremonies. I felt very cared for and contained. The medicine is shared with great care and respect. After the experience we sat down to talk about what we experienced. I thank the facilitators and mother earth for this beautiful gift"


"Having an experience in the discipline that is with Jon will always have a positive result thanks to the passion and vocation with which he dedicates himself to medicine. A great student, a great teacher!"


"Professionalism, Wisdom, Peace, Love, Dedication, Attention, Care, is what I found in my experiences and appointments made with them. I attend Los Angeles, drumming ceremony and Xanga. Thank you for all your words and sharing your knowledge with me has been a great ally for my well-being"


"Really everything since it not only heals the physical but also the soul is really extraordinary without damaging any organ on the contrary it helps in every way it is a new way of discovering nature"


"A trip to some place in the universe that is our being. For a moment, of indeterminate duration, you stop being on this plane, call it physical, of consciousness or as each one perceives it, to be in a place, which sometimes is indescribable; perceptions and sensations that are amazing in more ways than one... With an excellent guide, John will give you security and confidence. The ceremony with Xanga (DMT) is a unique experience that everyone should give themselves the opportunity to have"


"I love these connection ceremonies. The perfect space and atmosphere are created. They also instill security and confidence in the internal processes that we are carrying out because they are prepared people"


"Since I had the opportunity to meet the Transcendental Medicine community and take ceremonies with them such as Ayahuasca, Xanga and Wachuma, they have helped me in my spiritual awakening and have been the best guide for my learning! All under the best spiritual guidance, respect and love for the Plants and Pachamama!!! Thank God for putting them in my path!!!"


"The accompaniment they offer is total and compassionate, although no less serious for that. At all times I felt confident and cared for. I totally recommend, they give responsible attention and the ceremony is very beautiful. They strive to make it meaningful. An extra is that they are always aware of the media such as social networks and whats app. Thank you!"


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