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Sananga is an ancestral and sacred medicine of Amazonian origin, from the Kaxinawá and Yawanawá tribes, who obtain it from the roots of the shrub known by its scientific name as Tabernaemontana Undulata (from the Apocynaceae family, to which the medicine also belongs " Iboga ”) and called“ Mana Heins ”in the Huni Kuin dialect and with the name“ Becchete ”for the Matsés. The medicine is obtained after grinding the roots, obtaining a very fine powder that is filtered and thus a liquid extract is obtained, which is then applied by dripping into the eyes. It is known for being the "indigenous eye drops", used by various Amazonian communities with multiple medicinal and sacred uses, among which the application to improve perception and expand night vision stands out. In turn, it has been awarded properties for the connection with the spiritual world, since it not only acts ophthalmologically, but also works in various other aspects of the physical body, emotionally and mentally. Sananga has a large amount of alkaloids, among which Ibogaine stands out, and can even display psychoactive effects. The communities originally used medicine for hunting, for increased perception and concentration, detecting subtle movements, even combining it with other medicines such as Kambó.



Sananga medicine is used mainly for eye conditions, such as cataracts, glaucoma, astigmatism, myopia, hyperopia, even to treat blindness, it also sharpens eyesight, increases color perception and has great power to clean impurities from the eyes. From our Transcendental Medicine team we have verified several benefits, while scientific sources detail positive effects for the following applications: feverish states, dermatitis, dental problems, it can promote purging through vomiting, it is diuretic and sedative, it is used for snake bite and poisoning, rheumatism, it is anticancer, antioxidant, antibiotic, antimicrobial, contraceptive, anti-inflammatory, among other multiple benefits. Cleanses the three bodies of negative energy, especially allowing the mind to achieve greater ability to focus thoughts and insight. After the application, an increase of energy and peace is experienced. Applied before a ceremony it can stimulate the pineal gland for greater connection and spiritual vision. After its application, the ability to concentrate increases and you can meditate deeply.



The application is made with the person lying on the floor, immediately placing a drop in each eye. A preparation to relax body and mind is essential since it is a powerful medicine, even at least 3 hours of fasting is recommended. When receiving the drops, it is important to blink quickly to distribute the medicine over the entire surface of the eyeball. It cannot be applied with contact lenses on, nor in people with laser eye operations of less than 2 months, and in the case of diabetics, their condition must be notified beforehand to dose the medicine. Its acute effects can range from 10 minutes to 30, in which the burning and discomfort is high. In the whole process, calm is required and avoid touching the eyes, seeking concentration on the breath and having a creative visualization (prayer) oriented so that the medicine eliminates all evil. After that, it will be suggested to rest and meditate. Its beneficial effects can last for several days after application. It can be applied once or sporadically, although it can also be used as  treatment of 10 applications in ordinary cases and up to 20 in cases with serious eye conditions. You can also apply the leaves of Sananga or the latex obtained from the root (mixed with water and with a cloth) on the skin, previously softening them on the affected part.



We apply medicine through voluntary cooperation. You can contact us by WhatsApp at 5526731945 to check the days of application  



In our ceremonial space in Roma Sur located at Av. Baja California 118, int. 102, between Monterrey and Medellín. In the area you can park vehicles without problem. For those who use public transport, 5 blocks away you will find the Centro Médico and Chilpancingo metro stations. Punctuality is important.

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