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Deep, karmic and evolutionary psychology



What is?

It is an original method that helps to know the hidden archetypes that a person is driven by and thus to work out a detailed plan of a holistic and integral development of a person's potential. The therapist creates a personalized chart based on your birthdate to reveal key information about your psychological archetypes, behavioural conducts and evolutionary development. After analyzing the chart, the therapist meets you in a 50-minute session to work with the most important blockages, it will contribute to an efficient and drastic change in personal as well as in professional life. This are private therapy sessions where the person can address their psychological/emotional/physical/financial problems and needs based on a method  that combines psychology with archetypal systems, numerology and applied astrology.


How does it work?

Before the first session a therapist prepares a detailed study of their identity that shows all psychological patterns and lineage programs that are active in the current period of their life. In accordance with the personal study we elaborate a plan on how to change negative programs and psychological patterns that are nor viable any more. Each session we work maximum with one specific topic. The choice of a topic depends on the client's needs, at the same time the personal study provides us with abundant information about what things and tasks should be completed first in order to resolve a problem that the person has. Sometimes a person craves for change in the financial sphere, however a clue might be hidden in the relations program. That’s why this study helps to obtain therapeutic benefits with more efficiency and in a relatively short time. After each session a person gets concrete psychological tools and practices to apply during the week so to adjust them to their daily life. Apart from it, the therapist provides a person with a series of guided meditations that will help to insert new psychological patterns and conduct elaborated on the session into the person’s subconsciousness. 

What is shamanism?

Spiritual ceremonies in Mexico

Spiritual ceremonies in Argentina

Private spiritual ceremonies

Private sacred ceremonies

Master plants

Awakening of consciousness

Holistic healing

Traditional medicine

Alternative medicine

Spiritual molecule




How is depression cured?

How does anxiety cure

What issues can I solve?

* Life mission and purposes of each life stage

* Professional realization

* Relationship 

* Financial issues

* Health problems

* Psychological and emotional development

* Integration of spiritual experiences

* Behavioral improvement and self-awareness

Recommended treatment plan

We recommend a 4-session plan to work profoundly at least with main psychological programs and archetypes of your personality. Depending on the needs and issues of a person, they can either work with broader plans or opt for a single session in case they have only a few doubts or one question to work on. 

About the therapist

Polina Rud (Shimenawa) was born in Russia and currently lives in Mexico City. She specializes in archetypes of collective consciousness, psychological numerology, applied astrology and sacred symbology. Based on this knowledge she has founded the method of "Psycho Archetypal Therapy". Polina is a doctor in Art History and holds a Master's Degree in International Relations with honors. She is an international lecturer on issues of culture and universal symbology, at the same time that she was a doctoral fellow at UNAM. As for her spiritual studies, she has studied Slave and Norse runic oracles, Theosophical Tarot and Hindu Karmic Astrology "Jyotish". She is a guide to "The Map of Your Destiny" (Lilah) and uses it to help her patients understand psychological patterns and blockages, feeding the game with all of her symbolic, historical, spiritual, and psychological knowledge. Based on the above, she created the "Your Personal Bible" method so that people obtain the necessary keys to their being and can develop in the different spheres of life.


The sessions can be online or offline in Mexico City (Roma Sur) Contact us via WhatsApp for pricing (individual sessions and a 5-session package available).

Extra benefits

  • 4 session package gives a 30% discount on participating in the ceremony “The map of your destiny”

  • 4 session package gives a 40% discount on a personalized guidebook of your life “Your Personal Bible”


Videos about therapy

Here you can see some quick examples of Instagram lives where short sessions are held that illustrate the dynamics and effectiveness of this method:

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