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Xanga is a mixture that combines the organic molecule of DMT (also called "The Spiritual Molecule") with medicinal plants. Dimethyltryptamine (DMT) is a visionary substance with great healing power that does not cause dependency or addiction, on the contrary, it eliminates drug addiction and promotes spiritual liberation. Its dynamic is very expansive and loving, it does not generate nausea or discomfort. With Xanga, people have access to their own physical and mental processes through highly symbolic images, similar to lucid dreams. You can solve difficult personal problems and feel better. It encompasses near-death or spiritual content experiences, it is possible to experience a "complete and radical" separation between consciousness and body; you can have experiences of death and resurrection and mystical experiences. The mind and body are stilled, contact is often made with the ineffable and spiritual beings. All of this generally works to clear the mind, align the psyche, and fulfill the needs of our own spirit. One of the benefits of a session with this medicine is that people are then able to move on with their lives with more perspective, often more motivation, and a brighter, more dynamic consciousness. DMT is a very powerful catalyst for change, Xanga, in addition to being a stress reliever, can open the mind and allows for a transcendental and innovative experience. For more information, we recommend watching the documentary "DMT: The Spiritual Molecule", available on Youtube.


This ceremony aims to promote a transcendent spiritual connection and comprehensive healing through this master medicine capable of guiding the person to the depths of their being. It is an experience with the potential to substantially improve life, thanks to this medicine with a loving spirit that leads to an expansion of consciousness. In each ceremony energy cleanses are performed and live medical music is also used (songs, drums, etc.). At the same time, Rapé is used (very beneficial medicine for respiratory problems, migraines and decalcification of the pineal gland). Everything is done in a ritual context of respect, knowledge and love, where the medicine server works individually with each person. The facilitators can be both Inti Miski and Joshua Meneses, both traditional doctors who have been initiated into Xanga medicine by master Ronin Meni, and who ceremonially prepare the medicine they use. The ceremony lasts about 4 to 5 hours and in it each person will be able to work twice with the Xanga.



The DMT molecule is one of the most sacred natural substances that exist, so natural that it is even found in the human body itself in very low doses. By giving rise to Xanga Medicine, it generates an effect of introspection, great vision, understanding and elevation of consciousness, which extends up to 30 minutes at each intake. Its beneficial effect can last for several days after its intake, although well, it does not generate a hangover after its consumption and you can continue with your activities normally. Here is a list of some of the benefits of the medicine:

• Great tool for knowing oneself, the truths that make us up and our shadows.

• Promotes stress reduction and helps insomnia.

• It is very effective in overcoming depression, anxiety and migraines.

• Helps to cure psychosomatic illnesses, since it treats physical ailments from the spiritual plane.

• Induces a level of transcendent meditation that connects us with spiritual reality.

• Allows you to overcome emotions of fear, anger, jealousy, envy, etc.

• Helps to release traumatic loads, specializing in overcoming painful situations from the past.

• Activates and detoxifies the pineal gland.

• Reconnects and harmonizes the soul and integrates it.

• Generates a feeling of being reborn, expands the heart and stimulates a real increase in self-love.

• Helps to discover the purpose of life and one's own mission in this world.

• Improves relationships.

• Provides real and true answers from the bottom of the being, giving clarity of mind and ideas for many months after use.

• Promotes communication with other spiritual energies and loved ones who are no longer physically alive.

• Builds confidence and gives willpower.

• Allows discovering God within oneself.

• It is very useful for healing evil works and energy damage.

• She is a promoter of the liberation of addictions to drugs, substances and harmful consumption for health.



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You can contact us by Whatsapp at 5526731945 to indicate the payment methods and receive the preparation guide for the activity.

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