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Heir to the healing knowledge of the women in her family, Grandma Mamacuna holds the rank of "Inca High Priestess." From her mother and grandmother, she learned from a very young age in Peru the healing techniques with swords, tobacco, perfumes, eggs, and candles, and today, with more than 70 years of age, she continues her service with total dedication, energy, and love. Mamacuna is a direct representative of the spirit of Wachuma medicine, one of the largest sacred plants in the world, and at the same time its guardian in the sacred hills in Andalgalá in Catamarca, Argentina. She handles various Andean healing techniques, while she is also a teacher of the medicine of sacred mushrooms. Its healing power lies not only in the knowledge of the lineage that it carries, but also in the great tests that life put on it, knowing from their own experience the pains and trials that the human soul must go through. At the same time that her knowledge to guide ceremonies promotes profound healing processes, it is also her charisma, attention, joyful spirit and human warmth that manages to transform the lives of those who know her.

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