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It is a game of a spiritual nature that was created in India more than 2000 years ago so that people can understand their own evolutionary experience, the transcendent learning that they come to carry out in this world, the blocks that limit them, penetrate deeply into their fears and understand what each one should focus on to overcome them. It consists of a giant board that is placed in the center of the place, which has 72 boxes with the main archetypes of the spiritual path, which each player must go through as if they were an oracle. This ceremonial game is guided by an expert in the game who will explain each of the great concepts expressed by the 72 boxes, allowing them to live  a playful experience that will provide valuable knowledge and understanding of the mission of each one in this life

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After entering the energy and ceremonial field, the guide will make an introduction and opening to this experience that constitutes a whole ceremony. Each person will share their purpose of what they want to know about themselves and their own spiritual path, forming a group of between 4 and a maximum of 8 players. One by one they will roll the dice that will allow them to be "born" in the game. We will move through the 7 levels of consciousness on the board, which correspond to a certain chakra, reflecting the internal states of each player. As progress is made, each one will observe in which fields they are more frequently, where they remain, which ones they quickly overcome, this being an accurate diagnosis of their psychology and behavior in this life. From the expert hand of the guide, who will use a narrative full of symbols and myths, we will analyze the archetypes and limiting psychological programs that the map expresses, allowing each person to understand their own tasks in this incarnation and what to do to improve life in all its aspects. Although there is a mystical/magical component to the game, the main factor is your own personality and energy field, allowing the game to manifest and open a map of your being and your blocks. The ceremony lasts approximately 5-6 hours, and can be extended depending on the players, being both a playful experience and knowledge about these 72 great concepts of the path of the spirit.



Polina Rud (Shimenawa) was born in Russia and currently lives in Mexico City. He is a specialist in archetypes of collective consciousness, psychological numerology, applied astrology and sacred symbology., knowledge with which he founded the method of "Psychoarchetypal Therapy". She has a PhD in Art History and a Master's Degree in International Relations with honors. He is a speaker international in topics of culture and universal symbology, at the same time that she was a doctoral fellow at UNAM. As for his spiritual studies, he has studied Slavic and Nordic runic oracles, Theosophical Tarot and Hindu Karmic Astrology "Jyotish". She is a guide to "The Map of Destiny" (Lilah) and uses it to help her patients understand psychological patterns and blocks, feeding the game with all her symbolic, historical, spiritual, and psychological knowledge. Based on the above, she created the method "Your Personal Bible" so that people obtain the necessary keys of their being and can develop in the different spheres of life.

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