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The map of destiny, originally called Gyan Chaupad (from Sanskrit Game of Knowledge), is a spiritual game that was created in India more than 2000 years ago. While moving through 72 squares of the giant game board, people encounter the psychological blocks that limit their existence, realize the fears that prevent them from advancement and understand what should be changed in their daily routine and behavioral patterns to overcome them. The names of each square represent different inner states of a human being, for example, greed, nullity, purgatory, sorrow, happiness, clarity, along with the guide’s metaphorical explanations they trigger the mind and bring the consciousness of the player to contemplate the emotional and mental turbulences. The ceremonial game is guided by an expert who will explain each of the concepts, according to mythology, archetypes and psychological theories. Playing the game contributes to profound understanding of your mission(s) in this life and provides valuable knowledge on how to follow the path.


After entering the energy and ceremonial field, the guide makes an introduction and an opening ritual to initiate the ceremony. At first each player shares their purpose, what life aspect they want to work with, what issues they are struggling to resolve, what they strive to know about themselves and their own spiritual path, then all the participants throw a dice, and the game board checks the relevancy of their purpose. If they throw six on a dice, they may enter the game, it means the purpose is correct and the game is ready to answer all the questions. If a player struggles to get six on a dice for a while, the guide makes additional questions about the player’s life, analyzes the psychological aspects in order to make him/her create the “most” appropriate purpose for the moment of playing. Once a person throws six on a dice, the game starts.  One by one, the participants move through seven levels of consciousness on the board that correspond to a certain chakra, reflecting the internal states of each player. While passing from one square to another, people contemplate what square they spend more time on, what chakras were the most difficult to pass through. This would be an accurate analysis of the player’s psychology and his/her behavioral patterns. Although there is a mystical/magical component in the game, the main factor is your own personality and the energy field that allows the game to manifest and to map the essence of your spirit. The ceremony lasts approximately 5-6 hours, and allows 4-8 participants to play simultaneously.

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Polina Rud (Shimenawa) was born in Russia and currently lives in Mexico City. She specializes in archetypes of collective consciousness, psychological numerology, applied astrology and sacred symbology. Based on this knowledge she has founded the method of "Arquetypical Psychotherapy". Polina is a doctor in Art History and holds a Master's Degree in International Relations with honors. She is an international lecturer on issues of culture and universal symbology, at the same time that she was a doctoral fellow at UNAM. As for her spiritual studies, she has studied Slave and Norse runic oracles, Theosophical Tarot and Hindu Karmic Astrology "Jyotish". She is a guide to "The Map of Your Destiny" (Lilah) and uses it to help her patients understand psychological patterns and blockages, feeding the game with all of her symbolic, historical, spiritual, and psychological knowledge. Based on the above, she created the "Your Personal Bible" method so that people obtain the necessary keys to their being and can develop in the different spheres of life.


  • An opportunity to come back to your true self 

  • A way to reconnect with your spirit 

  • A tool of profound personal transformation 

  • A dialogue with yourself 

  • An adventure to the depth of your consciousness 

  • A way to expand your mindset

  • A chance to know how to organize your daily life in a harmonious way

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