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Bety, a biodecoding therapist and herbal specialist, offers this effective therapy whose methodology generates a healing process thanks to the release of the emotional charge stored in each symptom that afflicts the person. In this way, it allows us to let go and release emotions that have been rooted for years, which are expressed through the symptom, and by understanding and releasing them, the symptoms can be reversed.

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Originally from Brazil, Rudah combines different massage therapy techniques, both Brazilian and from other regions, adapting to the needs of the patient. It can be both a relaxing, sports or curative treatment, applying techniques such as acupressure, tuina massage and traditional chiropractic to adjust the spine and hip closure. Apart from his hands, he uses tools such as obsidian spheres.

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Rodo is an expert in numerology with more than 30 years of service. This therapy is an oracle that serves to guide the person to understand their life processes, energy trends and the probabilities that the numbers dictate as great symbols of spirituality. Both people and compatibilities can be analyzed, even projects and businesses according to numbers. This service is given 100% online (via zoom).

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Complete sessions of Tibetan-tantric Reiki, covering the entire energy body. They can work from general maintenance to continuous treatments for specific conditions. You can also use accessories such as flowery waters, essential oils and medical music elements. In a complementary or separate way, energy cleansing is carried out with various techniques.

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It is a Russian method of using the tarot to determine the life mission of the person and the means that the universe has put at their disposal to fulfill it. This is a highly precise oracle with key information, which is why this consultation can only be done once in a lifetime. The person will get a totally personalized writing of about 5 pages that will be very useful for their journey.

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Galo possesses the ability to make chiropractic adjustments to accommodate the entire muscular and skeletal structure. At the same time, he is aware of how each discomfort is linked to emotions, which he helps to release both with his handwork and with the gift of his word. His art comes from his grandmother and he has perfected it, his work on spine and limb ailments being very efficient.

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These clairvoyance and channeling consultations are provided by Lucy, clairvoyant and natural healer, inheriting her mother's gifts, and also shared with her sisters. She can do spiritual readings of a person's life, along with the causes of their illnesses and problems. He has the gift of communicating with ancestors and channeling their messages, which greatly contributes to his own healing and that of the family lineage.

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Angy is an intuitive healing massage therapist as well as a midwife. His body therapy of curative massages allow purifying, decontracting and relaxing benefits where the muscles, bones and organs are activated and healed by working through the meridians and lymphatic drainage. Their techniques are inherited from their own grandmothers. In the massages, she uses organic essential oils of the highest quality that she makes herself.

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Rosy is a family gift healer who handles the art of healing with candles and her diagnostic reading, being able to perform energy cleansing and healing of various kinds. He works with both people and physical property, doing work that is efficient and positive in nature. It also handles oracular reading and channeling, being able to perform the service both in person and remotely.

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