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Since the places for each ceremony are limited and prior preparation/diet is required, word reservations are not made (from the beginning of 2023 we will not have exceptions for long-term patients). It is recommended to book 3 days in advance both for preparation/diet, and also to guarantee a place. To reserve it is required to pay at least 50% of the total amount (whether it is confirmed by 1 or more people). Once the reservation payment is made, your place will be confirmed and the preparation guide will be sent to you. The remaining amount is required to be completed no later than 72 hours prior to the ceremony without fail. In case you want to reserve a place before the 72 hours prior to the event, it is important to check availability, since in case there are no places left se will reassign the reservation for a future activity to be chosen by the person.



Payments are made only by bank transfer or payment in Oxxo.


The data for transfer are:

Bank entity: BBVA

Account number: 0467838980

Account key: 012180004678389805


The data for payment in OXXO are:

Bank entity: BBVA

Debit card: 4152313440792922


In case of requesting details of the account name, you can place "Transcendental Medicine" with the reason you like. In the case of people who do not have an account in Mexico, they can use thePayPal platform, a medium that requires a payment of an extra 6% commission. The account is:

Once each payment is made, it is very important that send the receipt via WhatsApp, detailing your full name and activity to which the payment is intended.



In case you need to cancel for reasons of force majeure, it can be done 48 hours before notifying our Wahtsapp. The amount paid will be reallocated to the future activity that the person likes, as long as we have availability. Due to administration issues, in no case are money refunds made. Cancellations within 48 hours prior to the activity and/or no-shows without notice will not have the possibility of reassigning the money to another activity, which is because occupying a place in reserve and not taking it prevents another person from occupying it . The exception to this is for reasons of illness, and if the person presents a medical certificate between 48 hours and 6 hours prior to the activity, they will be given the opportunity to reallocate the amount of their reservation to another date or activity.



In case of not being able to attend, the person who made the reservation can reassign their place to someone else or change their companion. That way you don't lose the reservation at the last minute. To do this, please notify by WhatsApp the name of the new people who will attend in your place.



Almost all ceremonies have discounts when 2 people go together, which seeks to make the cost more accessible to couples and/or families, although they may well use those discounts even if they do not have a family relationship. These promotions can only be used in paired dynamics, that is, if a third person joins, you must have a fourth to apply the discount to them. The dynamics of "prompt payment" discounts refers to covering the total amount of the ceremony before the date stipulated in the information sent to you. 




Ceremonies and treatments without the intake of plants can be performed by minors without problems. In the case of healing ceremonies where plants are involved, it is essential that the minor have the consent of their parents and that they express it both in person or in writing.


Both the defined times of the collective ceremonies or the times of private appointments must be respected to the letter. Given that in group dynamics other participants must be respected and that in private sessions many times there are shifts given every hour, there is no modification to the start times of the activities once they have been provided. For this reason, we recommend that all attendees go to the place where the activity will be held in advance, anticipating any possible delay due to external causes such as traffic or bad weather. In case of attending more than 10 minutes prior to the appointment, you must wait, since entry to all activities is always carried out within the framework of those 10 minutes prior to the start time.

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