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Heir to the healing knowledge of the women in her family, Grandma Mamacuna holds the rank of "Inca High Priestess." From her mother and grandmother, she learned from a very young age in Peru the healing techniques with swords, tobacco, perfumes, eggs, and candles, and today, with more than 70 years of age, she continues her service with total dedication, energy, and love. Mamacuna is a direct representative of the spirit of Wachuma medicine, one of the largest sacred plants in the world, and at the same time its guardian in the sacred hills in Andalgalá in Catamarca, Argentina. She handles various Andean healing techniques, while she is also a teacher of the medicine of sacred mushrooms. Its healing power lies not only in the knowledge of the lineage that it carries, but also in the great tests that life put on it, knowing from their own experience the pains and trials that the human soul must go through. At the same time that her knowledge to guide ceremonies promotes profound healing processes, it is also her charisma, attention, joyful spirit and human warmth that manages to transform the lives of those who know her.


Grandma's great medicine is the Wachuma, a sacred cactus that grows in the Andean region, from northern Peru to northern Argentina, considered one of the greatest master plants. Its tradition goes back to time immemorial and there are few grandfathers and grandmothers who preserve its traditional and transcendent use. His spirit is of great love and intensity and contributes to healing physical, emotional, mental and spiritual matters. He works very tactfully within us and at the same time helps us connect with nature, receiving messages through it (water, fire, trees, animals, etc.). As a master plant that is represents an effective means of healing and a tool of connection with the spiritual in one of great value. Its effect lasts between 12 and 16 hours, during which different processes and healing steps are carried out. The medicine that we will use was collected in the sacred hills of Andalgalá in Argentina by the Mamacuna grandmother herself. The Wachuma is a great alternative to the use of Hikuri/Peyote, since it is not in danger of extinction, being in turn a "sister" medicine but during the day and from the heights. More information about its benefits and photographs. click here.


After a preparation based on healthy eating and fasting, we will meet at the ceremony site. The start will be given at 8 am, concluding the work around 8 pm, giving a total of 12 hours of ceremony, always in a natural environment. The medicine works internally for 8 intense hours, and can be extended to 8 more hours but in a subtle way, during which time the person can resume the normal activity of his life. At all times the participants will be assisted and accompanied by both Mamacuna and his two disciples, Inti Miski and Ronin Koshi, also traditional doctors and Wachuma guides, to which other staff can be added if required by the number of people. During the ceremony, different stages of work are experienced, being able to have moments of solitary work with nature, moments of collective circle, instances where Mamacuna talks in general or with each person in particular, among many other possibilities. During the ceremony, energy cleanings with eggs, swords, fire, tobacco and feathers are also carried out. In turn, although part of the work is in silence, we will have live music with songs, drums, guitar, rattle and bass drum that will guide and support all the work. At one point, an offering-request-payment will also be made to the earth, where a well will be opened in the earth delivering elements to thank and request their healing and blessings. The ceremony will conclude, with all of us leaving safely, but with the reality that the medicine will continue to act internally and in our dreams for a period of a week, allowing us to apply changes and improvements to life itself.


Mamacuna will be in Mexico between June 8 and 26. During the week we will have oracle sessions and private cleansing, while Saturdays and Sundays will be Wachuma ceremonies. The ceremonies are always carried out in natural environments (hills, on the banks of rivers, caves, beaches, etc.), since medicine interacts significantly with the natural environment. For interested organizers, check availability in case you want to organize an activity with the grandmother, since several dates are already confirmed (Desierto de los Leones, Teotihuacán, Malinalco, Amatlán and Cuautla).


These are private sessions that last approximately one hour in which Mamacuna diagnoses the person's situation and their needs using tarot cards, and then proceeds to clean and heal the person. For these sessions she uses different tools from traditional Andean medicine, offering physical and spiritual healing. Both she and her assistants will use eggs, tobacco, a candle, swords and/or feathers to promote healing in the person.


The grandmother manages the mushroom cure, which can be requested for private sessions, which last about 6 to 8 hours.

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