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Here you will find more information about our tour across Europe (Spain, Italy, Finland, Russia), our spiritual ceremonies and healing treatments with traditional medicine.  We are based in Mexico and travel on a regular basis to other countries to hold ceremonies. Below you will find some of our latest activities:



The Wachuma is a sacred medicine that grows in the Andean region, from northern Peru to northern Argentina, being considered one of the greatest master plants. Its tradition goes back to time immemorial and there are few grandfathers and grandmothers who preserve its traditional and transcendent use. His spirit is of great love and intensity and contributes to healing physical, emotional, mental and spiritual matters. He works very tactfully within us and at the same time helps us connect with nature, receiving messages through it (water, fire, trees, animals, etc.). Its effect lasts between 12 and 16 hours, during which different processes and healing steps are carried out.



It promotes a therapeutic process of emotional, mental and physical healing of great depth, providing elements for our self-knowledge and linking us with hierarchies of the spiritual world. Contributes to purification, internal and external cleansing of negative energies.  Help to raise and enhance our human qualities in all fields of life. Renew your own vitality with a mysterious force and loving pedagogy. He expels fear, damage and all kinds of dark energies from his being. It can bring back long-forgotten memories, heighten our sensitivity to light and color, and refine the senses. It gives us intense visions both with our eyes closed or open. It links us with the world of spirits, being able to link us with our own ancestors and people who have transcended.


It is a fusion of entheogenic plants from the Amazon. Her experience is intense and does not entail the wear and tear or purge like the famous "granny". This ceremony aims to promote a transcendent spiritual connection and an integral healing that guides the person towards the depths of himself. It is an experience capable of substantially improving life, with a loving spirit that leads to an expansion of consciousness. Everything is done in a ritual context of respect, knowledge and love, where the medicine server works individually with each person using songs, ceremonial instruments and performing cleansing. The collective ceremonies are for up to 8 people and last about 5 hours, but you can also do private sessions of 2 hours.



With this medicine, people have access to their own physical and mental processes through highly symbolic images, similar to dreams. Removes drug addiction and promotes spiritual liberation. It is very effective for depression, addictions, anxiety and neurodegenerative problems. She encompasses near-death experiences or spiritual content, you can experience a "complete" separation between consciousness and body. The mind and body are stilled, and contact is often made with the ineffable. With it, people are able to move on with their lives with more perspective and more motivation. It is in addition to being a stress reliever, it can open the mind and allows for a transcendental and mystical experience.


The drum is the main tool of most of the world's shamanic cultures to generate connection with the spiritual world and promote healing processes. This practice guides people into deep meditation through the use of a shamanic drum played steadily at a rhythm that induces tetha waves in the brain, which can foster deep connections and visions of a spiritual nature. The power of the drum is such that many even testify to experiences similar to working with master plants. Said practice will be guided by a team of traditional doctors and will be linked to a collective closing integration. The specific meditation with a drum played live is 60 min., with the remaining time for orientation and subsequent integration of the experiences. In this experience we will be able to connect with mystical experiences, identify problems in the physical body, feel the movements of subtle energy and much more. Collective ceremonies are made for a minimum of 8 people and last 2 hours.


The drum has great power to help us heal physical, emotional and mental issues, capture spiritual visions, experience healing and feel energy at unsuspected levels. It is a great help for those who have never been able to meditate and a powerful tool for those who want to go even deeper into themselves. Among the testimonies that have been collected, there are specific physical healings, mystical experiences, connection with the divine and much more.


It is a self-knowledge ceremony through an original use of the ancient Hindu game known as Gyan Chaupad. Using elements of depth psychology and universal archetypes, the participants will be able to know, identify and diagnose in a playful way their internal brakes, their virtues and potentialities in order to improve their practical and spiritual path. At the same time, this experience is configured as a space for deepening the fundamental concepts of his own Being that transform his life, using popular stories and key information to penetrate their meanings. The format of the ceremony is designed for a select treatment of 6 participants with a duration of 5 hours, being an ideal audience Yoga practitioners, people with interests in oracles and collaborative healing dynamics.


It helps us to objectively see our frequent mistakes, our internal brakes and impostures as well as our essential virtues. It also serves to reflect on what to improve in our life, to know our own spiritual situation in the cosmos, to learn in a playful way about the great spiritual concepts, to contemplate the life dynamics of other "playmates", to understand the universality of our steps and learning. , raise our sights towards the destination of being free in spirit and complement the personal work of the practice of Yoga.


It is a master medicine in the development and healing of sexuality, recently discovered. It is composed of an alchemical mixture of the so-called "love plants" and "mother plants" that give it its identity and strength to promote the development of the root chakra energy, heal sexual problems and promote fertility (physical and metaphysics). As a spiritual key, this medicine connects us with a Goddess, whose name is Numa, an energy of universal nature dedicated to love and fertility, whose spirit provides multiple healing benefits and empowerment of internal energy. This medicine allows us to experience an expanded state of consciousness and spiritual energy enhancer that allows us to relive the mystical experiences of bonding with the "Goddesses of Fertility", mythical motifs that can be found in all the sacred cultures and religions of the world.


This medicine is intended for those people who seek to enhance their own sexual energy and prioritize it, advance in the understanding and development of sacred sexuality, develop fertility at an integral level (creative capacity), expand self-love and love for others, among other things. . In terms of healing, it has great power to help conceive children, as well as to understand and accept one's own sexual identity. Regarding sexual and psychosexual disorders, it helps with anorgasmia, decreased or lack of sexual desire, aversion to sex, perversions or sexual addictions, pain disorders, traumatizations and sexual memories, among other things​.




Known as the jungle vaccine, it is a poison from the Big Monkey Frog, native to the Amazon, which is used ceremonially for healing purposes, working on a physical, energetic and emotional level. It is highly effective for detoxification, strengthening the immune system, organic regeneration, cancer treatment, hepatitis, cysts, fibroids, addictions, among others.

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Imagine getting an original text written exclusively for you of more than 60 pages on all the visible and invisible facets of your own being, full of orientations and transcendental keys to guide your evolutionary steps in this world. Your Personal Bible is one of the most accurate self-knowledge oracles of recent times, which uses deep psychology, spiritual archetypes and sacred knowledge of great value to go through this school of life in a virtuous way and for the benefit of our own holistic development.

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Energy treatments are procedures that seek to address the metaphysical causes of discomfort, symptoms and/or illnesses at a physical, energetic and emotional level. Through shamanic tools, such as organic tobacco, feathers, swords, perfumes or incense, the therapist cleanses the person's electromagnetic field, generating very tangible effects.

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It is a sacred plant of South American origin, which is taken in liquid form. Sinicuchi; provides a complete cell regeneration process; cures diseases such as diabetes, blood disorders, bone, muscles and joints injuries, infertility; recovers vital energy and increases its levels; it is a great tool to overcome addictions, among many other properties. 




Traditional doctor, herbalist teacher and guide to healing ceremonies, as well as a doctoral researcher in the field of humanities, he is a lecturer and director of the Transcendental Medicinal collective, dedicated to holistic health services based in the City of Mexico. He has been initiated into the use of various sacred medicines by the teachers of his original communities, using Ayahuasca, Kambo, Sinicuchi, Wachuma, Willka, among other medicines for healing purposes. He has been initiated as a Shaman Darkhan in Siberia and a developer of Numa medicine. He is currently writing the first book on Xanga Medicine. Click to the website

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(Polina Rud) is an specialist in archetypes of collective consciousness, psychological numerology, applied astrology and sacred symbolism. Based on this knowledge she has founded the method of Archetypal Psychotherapy. While having PhD in Art History and Master degree in International Relations with honours, Polina is an international lecturer and a doctoral fellow at UNAM. As for her spiritual studies, she has profound knowledge of psychological numerology, archetypes, the Slavic and Nordic runic oracles, the Theosophical Tarot, and of Hindu Karmic Astrology "Jyotish".  Polina also guides The Game of your Destiny (Lilah) and uses it to help her clients understand the psychological patterns and blockages, nourishing the game with all the symbolic, historical, spiritual and psychological knowledge. Based on the above Polina created the method Your Personal Bible, a document of more than 60 pages written exclusively about a client's life  so that a person may obtain all the necessary keys  and feel secure in different spheres of life.










SPAIN - Madrid | Date to be confirmed

SPAIN - Barcelona | Date to be confirmed

SPAIN - Ibiza | Date to be confirmed

SPAIN - Mallorca | Date to be confirmed

ITALY - Rome | Date to be confirmed

ITALY - Venice | Date to be confirmed

ITALY - Friuli | Date to be confirmed

GERMANY - Berlin | Date to be confirmed


If you are interested in organizing a medicine ceremony or day locally,  can coordinar to talk and get to know each other, in order to see costs, needs of each activity, preparation of the participants of the activities and others, both for private or collective ceremonies.

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