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It is a master medicine in the development and healing of sexuality, recently discovered. It is composed of an alchemical mixture of the so-called "love plants" and "mother plants" that give it its identity and strength to promote the development of the root chakra energy, heal sexual problems and promote fertility (physical and metaphysics). As a spiritual key, this medicine connects us with a Goddess, whose name is Numa, an energy of universal nature dedicated to love and fertility, whose spirit provides multiple healing benefits and empowerment of internal energy. This medicine allows us to experience an expanded state of consciousness and spiritual energy enhancer that allows us to relive the mystical experiences of bonding with the "Goddesses of Fertility", mythical motifs that can be found in all the sacred cultures and religions of the world.



This medicine is intended for those who seek:

  • Strengthen your own sexual energy and prioritize it

  • Advance the understanding and development of sacred sexuality

  • Develop fertility at an integral level (creative capacity)

  • Expand self-love and love for others 


In terms of healing, it has great power to help: 

  • conceive children

  • Understanding and accepting one's own sexual identity


Regarding sexual and psychosexual disorders, it helps in:

  • anorgasmia

  • Decreased or lack of sexual desire

  • aversion to sex

  • Perversions or sexual addictions

  • pain disorders

  • Traumatizations and sexual memories

On an emotional and mental level it helps to:

  • Closing of cycles and opening of new ones

  • Taking responsibility for one's own life

  • Elimination of co-dependency

  • Consolidation of one's own emotional balance


The medicine is supplied mainly in private ceremonies, either individually or as a couple. In the latter case, a special double outlet pipe is used, which allows two people to take the medicine at the same time, one in front of the other. These ceremonies last about 2 to 3 hours. At the same time, medicine can be served in group modality. The ceremony begins with an introduction to the use of sacred medicine and the nature of Numa, to then serve each participant. The medicine is supplied smoked by vaporizing the herbal mix that constitutes the medicine, promoting a deep and intense connection that lasts between 20 and 40 minutes, after which the experience is integrated. In each ceremony the person can take the medicine up to 2 times. During the process of the expanded state of consciousness, people are not touched at any time, but the connection is guided with songs, live instruments and mantrams performed by ceremonial guides.

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The medicine has been channeled by Inti Miski on November 17, 2022, who received contact from the spirit of Numa during a ceremony held in the Amazon jungle. Prior to this experience, he had been developing fertility treatments, investigating different currents of sacred sexuality and studying sexual disorders from a spiritual and gnostic aspect, a disposition that led to the link with Numa. From her he received the instructions to prepare the medicine and proceed in his service, as well as the name of the medicine itself. After the development of medicine and the collection of the necessary plants, relationships were found with the name Numa, linked both to the concept "Numen" that defines all "vidrian power or energy, as well as to the goddess Nuwa, mother of Chinese mythology. However, in different religions and myths we find goddesses who have the same archetype of "great creator", "goddess of fertility" and/or "goddess of sexuality such as Ishtar, Nanaya, Aphrodite, Venus, Astarte, Demeter , Tiamat, Ki, Rati, Inanna, Ishtar, Anuket, Freyja, Nuwa, Mwana, Isis, Maha Devi, Xuan Nu, the Queen of Sheba, Oshun, Min, Zamani, Toci, Coatlicue, Houtu, Maa Ganga, Pachamama, Gea , among other. The first public mention and direct appearance of Numa medicine is in the documentary "La Noche del Diablito: Temporada 2" (VIX+), soon to be released.


The medicine is a dry organic herbal mixture that is vaporized. It is made up of various sacred plants that have alkaloids with psychoactive properties and plants for therapeutic use with aphrodisiac, fertilizing and invigorating properties, as well as plants present in different mythologies with magical properties. Although the formula is secret, some of the plants used for therapeutic use are: Savory, Ginseng, Sinicuchi, Cola de Quirquincho, Vanilla, Salvia, Damiana,Poppy, among many others.


It can be done both in external places and in ourceremonial spacefrom Rome South:


You can contact us by Whatsapp at 5526731945 to schedule a ceremony and after that receive the preparation guide for the activity.

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