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Medicine name "Sweet Sun" [Quechua]


Traditional physician, ceremonial guide and academic researcher in the field of humanities and perennial philosophy, born in Argentina, currently based in Mexico City. He has been raised in an environment of modern medicine and rationalism, as his father is a neurologist and allergist with a long history, while he has been trained in various undergraduate and postgraduate studies, in careers related to the humanities and cultural studies and, reaching PhD level with a thesis in progress on metaphysics and psychology. She has a family shamanic lineage of diverse geographical roots, predominantly Germanic and Scandinavian lines, while from an early age she has gone through experiences and manifestations of connection with the world of spirits. This has motivated his journey through various paths and schools of spiritual knowledge, among which Logosophy stands out, to later resume the vocation of service in the field of physical and metaphysical health. In addition to its Andean name "Inti Miski", it has also been baptized with the Shipibo name "Sanken Nima".


  • Traditional Mexican Medicine - Maestro Jose Luis Vazquez Vazquez (Mexico)

  • Traditional Andean Medicine - Grandmother Mamacuna (Peru-Argentina)

  • Siberian Darkhan Shamanism - Iniciated by Damdinov Sergey Garmazhapovich (Buratia-Mongolia)

  • Energetic Healinga - Pahcalli Casa Medicina (Mexico)

  • Laboratory Alchemy and Herbal Alchemy - Teacher Graciela Matarin (Argentina-Catalonia)

  • Advanced Herbalism and Phytochemistry - Doctor Guillermo Mendoza Castelán (Mexico)

  • Munay Ki - Inti Amaku (Mexico)

  • Transcendental Meditation - Frank Pruden (Argentina)

  • Mountain Power Hike Guide - Elfego Magneto (Mexico)

  • Music Therapy and Tibetan Singing Bowls - Carlos Colado (Mexico)

  • Diets of Amazonian sacred plants - Wilder Sancez and Mateo Arévalo (Peru)



  • PhD in Communication (in progress) - National University of La Plata (Argentina)

  • Own Master Degree in Clinical Neuropsychology (in progress) - EDECA (Spain)

  • Postgraduate in Management and Policy in Culture and Communication - FLACSO (Argentina)

  • Degree in communication - National University of San Martín (Argentina)


  • Wachuma (San Pedro) - Formed by grandparents Mamacuna and Jampi Camayoc (Peru-Argentina)

  • Ayahuasca (Shipibo-Conibo line) - Initiated by Ronin Meni and Dr. Diosa Elena Vega (Mexico)

  • Xanga - Initiated by Ronin Meni and Dr. Diosa Elena Vega (Mexico)

  • Wilka - Formed by Master Aguarapire Seacandiru (Tupi Guarani People)

  • Kambo - Formed by Master Julian Reyna Fasabi (Pueblo Matze)


  • Shamanic drum

  • Sacred mushrooms

  • Snuff

  • Herbal treatments

  • Microdosing of plants

  • Sinicuchi

  • Ceremonial mountaineering

  • Clean energy

  • Metal healings


"I work mainly within the framework of the Medicina Trascendental collective, although I also provide services independently fromwww.espirituterapia.comand associated with other medicine houses or people who organize retreats linked to healing. I offer private sessions and also collective ceremonies, all in a context of traditional medicine, that is, for purposes of healing, improvement and self-knowledge, always with prior information, preparation for work, and subsequent integration of experiences. I follow an ethical line of respect and tradition, always using tools and medicines that were given to me and authorized by teachers and grandparents, complemented with innovation in each technique and my own research. The attention is provided in a personalized way and according to the originality of each person, while I seek to work with intensity (without appealing to placebos, suggestions, self-deception or food of illusions), in order to obtain real results that lead the person to heal, emancipate and be free from everything, including the need to require more medicine. The raw materials that I use to make these medicines, as well as their origin, always seek to be of the highest quality and with sustainable ethics. I provide service to people of all social classes, states of health, ethnic origin, sexual, ideological, religious and/or social orientation. Each ceremony and plant requires its own protocols that are shared when the person has a need for specific healing, which have as a common point working in 100% safe, respectful, professional and ethical contexts. I do not provide medicine out of curiosity and experimentation, nor do I limit the use of medicine to having visions. A large part of the economic resources that I receive for my work are used to continue training and improve my abilities in the field of healing, to go on diets, visit grandparents and ensure the well-being of them and their communities. The service I provide is exclusively aligned to the search for good, healing, evolutionary learning, consciousness, feeding one own spirit and love for oneself and for everything"


He currently coordinates the activities related to the collective master plants, provides ceremonies and private sessions of the aforementioned medicines in different parts of the world, gives lectures and interviews at academic conferences and the media, organizes the arrival of teachers and grandparents from different communities and He encourages visits to his places of origin, while he is writing the first book on Xanga medicine to be published in 2023.








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