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Food as a medicine for the soul

A few days ago, for no apparent reason, I fell into a depressive state from which I could not get out. It seemed that all my efforts to be mentally and emotionally well were in vain. My defenses began to weaken, suddenly I could not attend to my daily responsibilities and it seemed that a huge gray cloud had settled just above my head, sending me thoughts of very low vibration all the time. Seeing that none of the tools or resources I had learned in recent years worked for me to get out of this state, I was faced with a great challenge, a life lesson that I had to take at that time: Learning to ask for help when you need it. That was my big challenge. Collecting my last energies, I wrote to them as many friends as I knew could help me in some way. That's when I suddenly found myself listening to instructions on how to take Mielmancia. This is going to help you a lot, take it in the morning, on an empty stomach, were the recommendations I listen to. Still quite skeptical of the results, but eager to get out of the emotional state in which I was, I decided to follow the instructions, begging the great spirit to manifest his healing in that food, so I consumed it on a Monday morning on an empty stomach. As the days went by, that great gray cloud began to dissolve, being able to feel the food in my taste buds and digest the sweetness of this mixture, made me remember the tenderness and affection of my mother, her maternal hugs. The combination of specific seeds and honey helped me generate a greater amount of endorphins and also to improve my digestion. Observing my behavior carefully during these days, and following the instructions to the letter, I was able to observe how I resumed the helm of my life and little by little I could direct the candles again. Here is the culmination of this week's learning: It is totally and completely worthwhile to ask your fellow men for help, surely there will always be a helping hand and another great lesson is that most food is the best medicine, especially that food-medicine that is made and shared with love. More information about Mielmancia at:

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