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I've already taken medicine, and now what's next?

Contact with sacred medicines or plants, also called entheogens, is one of the most profound and transcendental experiences that human beings can experience. Observing sacred geometry without having to open your eyes, transporting yourself to the most beautiful places without even moving one foot, going down to the deep darkness of your being or on the contrary rising to the most beautiful and pleasant sky, is enchanting and magical. However, and as many have promulgated, the true path of transformation begins once the magical visions are diluted and you return to your being. When you find yourself back in the daily life of your life. Questions such as, and now what's next? How am I going to act on the basis of the teachings I have received? What habits would it be important to change from now on? How am I going to integrate the experience into my life? What practices or measures can I consciously apply to continue with my healing or transformation process?, triggering issues that often hover in your mind once you return to your usual activities. However, the range of possibilities and options to continue spiritual cultivation is endless. From implementing short daily walks, changing your eating habits a little or a lot, practicing meditative activities such as conscious breathing or mindfulness or even totally and completely giving up your life as you were living it. This is where there is room for two key words: discipline and perseverance. Once you have found the spiritual practice that best suits you, you have taken the next big step to continue the spiritual path and that friend, is a great blessing. If divine inspiration has come to you in one way or another, the best way you can honor it is by taking action. This is where the great commitment to yourself is manifested, to choose between taking your experience as something without transcendence and without any contribution to your work, personal, family life or well, taking the reins and deciding that from now on you will work to become the best version of yourself.

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