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Men and women medicine

In today's culture, men and women have a well-defined role, a role to be played within the complex mechanism of society. Over the years, this role has been transformed and new ideas, conceptions and models have emerged. However, within the spiritual path, these roles and roles do not fit together, there are no established parameters that indicate how one or the other should behave. And what does the expression "man and woman medicine" mean? It is complex and risky to define it, although perhaps the quote of Don Jose Ruiz (The Wisdom of the Shamans, 2018) can help us: "He or she who develops in the wisdom of awakening, of finding his or her own personal freedom, of living in harmony, of serving others. In short, in the wisdom of love and life." Now, what I can say, from my personal experience is that, for every 100 men / women medicine who assume and appropriate, with greater or lesser conscience, the role that society has imposed on them, who manage their lives by moving abroad and who on many occasions make excessive use of violence, in all its forms and types; there is one who dares to be brave and break with the structure Own truth. If you have ever, on your spiritual path, coincided with such a being, let me tell you that you have been lucky, because they are individuals faithful to their own way and their truth. They are those who, after facing their own demons, having pierced their own hells and having emerged victorious as triumphant warriors, give themselves to the service and healing of others, are not afraid to show their vulnerability; they are those who lovingly and generously guide you and give you their wisdom. They move among people stealthily, without pretending to prove anything, sometimes humble, sometimes silent, sometimes invisible. How can you recognize them? It is just a matter of paying a little attention, they are distinguished from the rest, sometimes they have a deep look, which surrounds you in tenderness and sweetness, there is humility in their hearts, they do not seek to boast of the great inner power they possess. In my personal experience, I can say that I have been infinitely blessed, because I have divinely agreed with them on my way, and I can say that they have been one of the most grateful coincidences I have been able to live, in such a way that I bow and bow to the God / The Higher / The great spirit that dwells in them and in me.

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