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Gratitude as a connection with the divine

The word thank you comes from the Latin gratia "recognition", "favor", derived from gratus "pleasant"*. "Pleed" understood as a gift and/or virtue, is a moment of conscience, of appreciation. On the contrary, ingratitude towards oneself or coming from others hurts too much. Quoting Neale Donald Walsch*, the correct sentence is not one of supplication, but one of gratitude; gratitude is, therefore, the most powerful statement addressed to God / Divinity / The Upper; a statement to which He will have answered before it has been formulated. In Hoponopono, it is one of the 4 trigger words (sorry, forgive me, I love you, thank you) that is constantly used. Every time, it is used to recognize some favor. However, we are rarely aware of the depth and power of this simple word, that is, we do not know the immense energy that emanates when we pronounce it. Being able to raise your gaze to the sky or close your eyes and focus on your heart, expressing gratitude to God / Divinity / The superior for a new day, for having fought some disease, for having food, shelter, for having reached the end of the day safe and sound, for your family and friends or even thanking for what you do not have, produces divine frequencies. It is the key that opens endless doors of blessings. The incorporation of small practices of gratitude into your life, such as, for example, repeating these words more times a day, vocalizing it 3 times, before your feet touch the ground when you get up, incorporating some meditation or mantra of gratitude, will allow you to flow with the divine energy of gratitude. And that being the case, at this very moment I am infinitely grateful that you have taken the time to read. Thank you!

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