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Healing as a process of transformation

Between the ages of five and six, my family and I had a car accident in which I hurt my forehead when I gave myself a strong blow with the windshield, generating a scar that pierces much of it and that I still keep. Beyond the traumatic event, and without going into so many details, I share this personal event with one purpose: to better transmit, based on my experience, the personal concept of pain, suffering and healing. The wound on a physical level hurt too much for a few hours and emotional pain was also generated for some time. However, this event was assimilated and healed, and the scar ended up being part of my face. Surely you have heard the phrase, attributed to Buddha or Albert Einstein who reads: "Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional." Beyond analyzing the depth, certainty or falsehood that this sentence encompasses, I want to use it to explain the following: I could have chosen to get stuck in the suffering of this event, try to erase the scar so as not to remember, to allow mental talk to sink me again and again in victimhood. However, every time I take the time to look at my scar in front of the mirror, touch it with my hand, I can remember that event, but the skin no longer hurts, remember the experience, but without suffering or agony. Among the infinite and variable paths of healing that exist and have existed, the path of the master or sacred plants, give you the option, if you allow yourself, to transcend the experiences or situations of pain that have been generated throughout your life and even thank you for them. Discern that, in the center of your being, in your divine essence, there is really nothing to heal. A small and simple practice that you can incorporate into your daily life, is to repeat, every time the mental talk locks you in the vicious circle of suffering, the following phrase: "I appreciate my past, I learn the lesson and let it go."

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