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To serve yourself

A few days ago, a friend mentioned, in a conversation, a phrase: " do things because there is a need to serve, to share..." Reflecting on his words, I realize that, in reality, a whole life process is required to reach that deep understanding, that is, it is not a learning that human being develops innately, such as learning to eat, walk or run. Quoting Don José Ruiz ("The Wisdom of the Shamans, 2018), at that point of understanding, acceptance and love for who we are, we can see ourselves when we look others in the eye. We know that they are at the same time ourselves and that we are them, that we are all interconnected and that, therefore, helping them is the same as helping ourselves. Through my personal journey, I have had the great opportunity to meet people who are totally and completely dedicated to sharing what they have and what they are; who have even given their lives to the service of others. You cannot give what you do not have, and in this sense, it is our responsibility to cross the walls that separate us from others, which prevent us from seeing each other through the other. My deepest recognition and gratitude to all of them, men and women, who have as their banner of life: to serve and share with others, through the deep understanding that "What I give I give myself." Thank you!

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