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September 2022



Here you will find more information about our tour across Europe (Spain, Italy, Finland, Russia), our spiritual ceremonies and healing treatments with traditional medicine.  We are based in Mexico and travel on a regular basis to other countries to hold ceremonies. Below you will find some of our latest activities:



It is a smokeable sacred mix that consists of Amazonian herbs. The experience entails a transcendent spiritual connection and expansion of consciousness. This mixture of master plants provide our patients with comprehensive healing and guide them into the depths of their personality. The ceremony is held in a ritual context of respect, knowledge and love, where Inti Miski works individually with each person using therapeutical chants, ceremonial instruments and energy cleaning treatment. The collective ceremonies are for up to 8 people and last about 5 hours, and private sessions about 2 hours.



Our patients witness profound connection with their own physical and mental processes through highly symbolic images, similar to dreams. This herbal mix contributes to solving any physical and mental problems, including depression, anxiety, emotional traumas, stress, lack of motivation, neurodegenerative diseases, drug addiction, and others. 

During the ceremony you may experience a "complete" separation of the consciousness from your body that helps people to release their relations or professional activities that are not viable any more and to move forward with clarity and motivation. 


The drum is the main tool in the majority of the shamanic cultures that is used to achieve spiritual connection and to heal. This practice guides people into deep meditation through the use of a shamanic drum beaten steadily to a rhythm that induces thetha waves in the brain, which can bring about deep connections and insights of a spiritual nature. The power of the drum is so strong that many patients even testified experiences similar to working with master plants. This meditation with a drum lasts 60 minutes, the remaining time is used for orientation and subsequent integration of experiences. In this experience people are able to connect with the divine, identify problems of the physical body, feel the movements of energy and much more. Collective ceremonies are held for a minimum of 8 people and last 2 hours.


The drum has great power to help us heal physical, emotional and mental issues, capture spiritual visions, experience healing and feel energy at unsuspected levels. It is a great help for those who have never been able to meditate and a powerful tool for those who want to go even deeper into themselves. Among the testimonies that have been collected, there are specific physical healings (back and joint pains), mystical experiences, connection with the divine and much more.


It is a self-knowledge ceremony through an original use of the ancient Hindu game known as Gyan Chaupad. Using elements of deep psychology and universal archetypes, participants will be able to learn, identify and diagnose their virtues, internal emotional, physical, financial blocks and psychological patterns in a playful way in order to achieve significant advances in their life path. The format of the ceremony is designed for a select treatment of 6 participants that lasts 5 hours. This activity is mostly popular among yoga practitioners, people who are interested in self-awareness, and psychology. 


It helps to figure out our frequent mistakes, internal blocks, and psychological patterns that impede our advancement. The game Lilas shows people what modalities should be improved in their lives, what mental stereotypes and patterns should be changed, how to achieve your goals in a more effective way. This ceremony might serve for people who are not ready to work with plants yet.