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Who provides it?

Maribel and Jesús are two temple healers who set up a stage to convey a luminous spirit that communicates with the patient to guide him in energetic, physical, mental and spiritual healings. They have several years of experiences and numerous healings in their history. His methodology is framed within the Marian-Trinitarian line, working with angels and guides.


How is the therapy?

These cooperative therapies can range from 15 to 45 minutes of work. Maribel channels and Jesus guides the cleaning and work. The person receives the healing but can also ask questions.


Session cost

It is voluntary cooperation with the conscience of the person.


How to book an appointment?

We give half-hour shifts, which must be reserved with a deposit of $ 100 to reserve the space. After that we will send you the preparation guide. You can contact us by WhatsApp at 5526731945


Where is it done?

In our ceremonial space in Roma Sur located at Av. Baja California 118, int. 102, between Monterrey and Medellín.

What is shamanism?

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