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What is the oracle "Tarot The Rays of Destiny"?

It is a Russian method of using the tarot to determine the life mission of the person who consults and the means that the universe has put at their disposal to fulfill it. This is an oracle of high precision and with key information for the person's life, which is why this query can only be done once in a lifetime. The work dynamic begins with a brief talk with the person, for which it is necessary to have an image of the person, their full name, date of birth and place of birth. With this information, it takes about 3 days to prepare and write the oracular study, which is delivered to the person as a letter of about 4 to 5 pages for the private use of the person who consults. This is important to clarify, each oracle is written for each person, none is repeated or formulas are used. If the person then likes a personal session to deepen what the report expresses, it can be added.


Who is Polina?

Polina, PhD researcher at the University of Moscow (Russia), doctoral fellow by UNAM, specialist in art, lecturer, researcher of the Tarot in its "rays of destiny" aspect, of Karmic Astrology and guide to "The Game of the Spirit" .

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